Stanagiri Himalayan Kriya

Himalayan Kriya Yoga is an ancient spiritual discipline that combines postures, breath control, meditation, and mantra repetition to foster harmony in body, mind, and spirit.

Its aim is self-realization and unity with the divine, achieved by awakening Kundalini energy, purifying energy channels, and activating chakras.

To fully embrace this sacred path, initiation, and guidance from a qualified teacher are essential.

Available every Tuesday and Friday (07:15 AM – 09:15 AM)
Complimentary Basis
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Stanagiri Signature Retreat

Himalayan Kriya
Agnihotra Yoga
Balinese Melukat

Available every day (2 PM – 6 PM)
Booking one day in advance
Price per person IDR x,xxx,xxx minimum 2 persons
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