Khrisna Retreat

Krishna, the epitome of exultation, music, and the very essence of existence, radiates a captivating aura of beauty and mystique. Within this enchanting package lies an extraordinary voyage, beckoning you to embark on a quest for truth.

Immerse yourself in the ethereal realms as you connect with the profound depths of your being, harmonizing with the sacred rhythms of your body and breath.

Along this mystical odyssey, unveil the veils of your soul, and experience a profound union with your innermost self, embracing the enchanting beauty and untamed magic that lies within.


09:00 AM
Yoga Fluid Vinyasa at Yoga Shala

10:15 AM
Walking meditation to the Beji

10:30 AM
Water purification, praying

11:00 AM
Open space, to chill on the river

Free time
Location attractions, check the Balinese birthdate, and history of the God & Goddess of Bali. Lunch at your leisure.

03:30 PM
Tapping and Breathwork at Yoga Shala