In-Villa Suryadaya Yoga

Ignite your day with a poetic morning ritual of slow-phase yoga.

Blend Vinyasa and fluid poses to kindle inner strength,
focusing on breath and mindful movement.

This isn’t just exercise—it’s a dialogue with your body.

Find balance in deliberate transitions,
crafting a masterpiece of strength, harmony, and self-connection.

This ritual isn’t just a start; it’s a celebration of you.

Available every day (8 AM – 9 AM)
Booking one day in advance
Price per session, maximum 4 persons
60 Minutes IDR 1,500,000,- net
Private session

Stanagiri Signature Retreat

Brahma Retreat          Khrisna Retreat

Available every Tuesday and Friday (09:00 AM – 04:30 PM)
Booking one day in advance
Price per person IDR 1,500,000,- net minimum 2 persons (maximum 10 persons)