In-Villa Balinese Massage

Our In-villa Balinese massage offers you a traditional massage technique from Bali, known for its deep relaxation and therapeutic benefits. It combines acupressure, deep tissue massage, stretching, and aromatherapy.

The massage is performed in your luxurious villa setting, using firm pressure and gentle stretches to release tension and promote energy flow. Aromatherapy oils are used for added relaxation.

Experience the muscle relaxation, improved circulation, stress relief, pain reduction, and immune system boost.

Stanagiri In-Villa Balinese massage offers a private, personalized, and indulgent experience, allowing you to unwind and rejuvenate in the comfort of your own villa.

Available every day (9 AM – 9 PM)
Booking one day in advance
Price per person, minimum 1 person
60 Minutes IDR 300,000,- net
90 Minutes IDR 400,000,- net
120 Minutes IDR 550,000,- net
Private session