Duration, 6 days and 5 nights

SHIVA is the destroyer, the end but also the new beginning of transformation. Symbol of rebirth

This package will take you to full experience the circle of life, connect with 5 elements through transformation journey.

Perfect Balance of mind, body and spiritual

Indulge in a transformative retreat experience at our exquisite Villa nestled in the enchanting beauty of Ubud, Bali.

Escape to a secluded paradise where healing and rejuvenation take center stage.

Immerse yourself in the following captivating itinerary, meticulously designed to nurture your well-being and elevate your spiritual journey:

Day 1: Awaken Your Spirit

Begin your retreat with a blissful full day of yoga guided by a seasoned Yoga Teacher.

Immerse yourself in a profound cleansing ceremony led by a revered Mangku, purifying your mind, body, and soul.

Witness the radiant beauty of a Flower Mandala, crafted exclusively for your arrival, symbolizing harmony and unity.

Immerse yourself in the ethereal sounds of Tibetan instruments during a one-hour session, experiencing their transformative power.

Afterward, rejuvenate with a light snack and refreshing drink at our tranquil hotel, ensuring your utmost comfort throughout your stay.

Day 2: Explore Balinese Traditions

Under the expert guidance of your Yoga Teacher, embark on a full day of yoga practice, delving deeper into the mind-body connection.

Engage in a captivating workshop that unveils the rich tapestry of Balinese traditions, focusing on the divine essence of the Gods.

Delve into the heart of Balinese culture and gain insight into the intricate rituals that honor their deities.

Later, indulge in the natural goodness of coconut refreshments at our hotel, providing nourishment for your body and soul.

Day 3: Embrace Artistry and Devotion

Immerse yourself in another full day of yoga practice, led by our skilled Yoga Teacher.

Participate in a captivating workshop where you will learn the art of creating Kwangen or Canang, intricately woven Balinese offerings representing devotion and gratitude.

Cultivate your artistic expression and connect with the profound spirituality behind these sacred rituals.

Delight in a warm drink and delectable snack at our hotel, savoring the flavors of Bali and replenishing your energy.

Day 4: Unleash Your Creativity

Engage in a full day of yoga practice with our esteemed Yoga Teacher, allowing movement and meditation to harmonize your being.

Explore the realm of self-expression as you immerse yourself in an invigorating workshop centered around writing and journaling.

Discover the power of the written word and the transformative nature of personal reflection.

Equip yourself with writing materials and experience the therapeutic benefits of journaling in the serene surroundings of our hotel.

Day 5: Journey to the Soul

Embark on a day filled with profound spiritual experiences guided by your Yoga Teacher.

Begin with a sacred Melukat ceremony led by a revered Mangku, purifying your spirit in the gentle embrace of sacred water.

Immerse yourself in the melodic chants and uplifting rhythms of a Kirtan session, allowing the sacred sounds to resonate within your soul for two transformative hours.

Indulge in the rich flavors of cacao at our hotel, savoring its heart-opening properties.

Engage in the creation of another exquisite Flower Mandala, symbolizing the impermanence and beauty of life.

Enhance the ambiance with the warm glow of candlelight, creating a sacred space for reflection and connection.

Day 6: Celebration of Beauty

Conclude your retreat with a full day of yoga practice led by your devoted Yoga Teacher.

Engage in the creation of a final mesmerizing Flower Mandala, a testament to the ephemeral nature of existence and the vibrant beauty that surrounds us.

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings, allowing the serene ambiance to deepen your connection with yourself and the world around you.

Discover the transformative power of our secluded Villa in Ubud, Bali, where healing, self-discovery, and spiritual growth converge.

Book your retreat now and embark on an extraordinary journey towards rejuvenation and inner harmony.

Best for a group

For a group of 12 people or more (maximum of 24 people)

CLASSIC 3 Bedroom Pool Villa x 2 IDR 72,780,000,- net
GRAND 3 Bedroom Pool Villa x 2 IDR 77,780,000,- net
ROYAL 3 Bedroom Pool Villa x 2 IDR 82,780,000,- net